Tennis Express II, III

Adult & Juniors


This level we build upon the sound athletics base established in earlier classes while integrating more spatial and time constraint. Player utilize control, spin, and positioning to their advantage while also being able to consistently rally and cooperate with a partner. We integrate head-eye coordination drills along with footwork skills. The ability to maintain proper technique during points and proficiency on serve is a necessity before graduating to the next level. Student should begin participating in round robing’s while at this level. The low the compression of orange balls are used on the 60-feet court.


This level we introduce the basics the skills of tennis using head-eye coordination drill along with stroke production. The ABCs (agility, balance, coordination) are major focus at this level. Cooperative drills are used introduce players to serve, rally, and scoring. Student will build a strong foundation through playing and fun drills that will lead to quicker development. The low compression green balls or standard yellow balls are used on the 78-foot ren court.

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